The End

A few weeks back, an e-mail landed in my inbox from my father, with the subject line “napping.”

This was attached, me with my dad. I asked him for his blessing re: this website, which he gave, and then on his own, he went back through old photo albums and found this one. He also found this:

That’s my grandfather, his dad, behind me. I didn’t really know Mort, he died before I turned two. But here we are, me awake and him anap.

Thanks for your patronage, this has been fun.



Almost the End

Same Shirt, Same Dog, Different Naps


Work 4

Man and Beast

With his little dog Oliver.

The beginning of the end.

We’re closing in on the end. Thanks for hanging around. As we wrap things up, I’ll be updating a bit more frequently.

Me napping…